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Homemade Cookie Shaped Ornaments

For the Thanksgiving holiday some of our out of town family joined us to celebrate. It is always so wonderful to catch up in person and to get the kids together. We had a blast playing and sharing stories. The meal was the center of the entire 3 day get together and man was the food delicious. After the naps were over and the kids had played together for hours my cousin and I had the bright idea to make Christmas ornaments together. We had briefly discussed what types we would like to make and knew we wanted something that would be personalized and after browsing Pinterest we had several ideas. The first idea we had was apple sauce and cinnamon but after reading the instructions were realized that we would need 1 whole cup of cinnamon. I am not sure that I have ever seen one whole cup of cinnamon in one place in my whole life so that idea was out. The next idea was one that I had made before, cornstarch ornaments. They are simple and fun. The only catch was that my mom did not have e…

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