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The Reason

Today, it happened! Everything fell into place! I was walking through Target looking for a book with all three kids in tow and they were in general whining about the heat, being hungry, tired, you name it when a book caught my attention. It was not the book I went to the the store looking to find and to be honest I really had no business looking at books on this particular day anyway. At first look I wasn't sure what the title even was and the name of the author was even more of a mystery to me but I picked it up anyway. I read the front and back cover, flipped through a couple of pages and decided to give it a try throwing it half heartedly into the cart with the necessities of the trip. Once I got home and started reading however I discovered that this was the book that I had been unknowingly not looking for for years. It connected a lot of things for me.

The past few months I have been a little restless. Nothing was really wrong in fact everything seemed alright but I wasn'…

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