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Yesterday I had a sad day. In the grand scheme of things it was not bad but man did it get me down. It had to do with rejection and we all know how terrible that feels. When I first found out that I had been rejected I pushed it to the back of my mind because I'm a busy momma and I have things to do. Later in the afternoon however, when the quietness of the day settle upon me and I was alone I found the tears I had managed to hold back falling down my face. The little one was at her first day of school and the two older kids were playing ignoring the fact that I kept moving them out of my way as I swept and mopped the floors. Given their distraction I felt free to give into my emotion for a few minutes, the release felt wonderful and I knew it would help me to move on. I did not count on getting busted by the kids but it was almost like they knew something was wrong and were called to come fix it or help. My son was the first to walk in and he saw my puffy eyes and asked what was…

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