Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Summary of Summer

Things are starting to get back on track around here after a month or so of "it needs to get done and it needs to get done now".  I feel like August is always a race to the finish to get all that we can done. We harvest, freeze and can day after day. We then have to prepare the garden for fall planting. 

In the midst of all this week take a few breaks to spend time together. We went hiking one day and did a bit of searching for some historical caves there were hidden amongst boulders.

On day the man and I decided to take some time to ourselves. While the children were with Grandma we went to a local orchard/farm and pick some peaches. We later canned 6 pints of them but they were so good fresh. We also picked some jalepenos since none of our pepper plants were successful this year. We love to pickle them and serve them with cheese and crackers. 

Farm fresh corn for freezing

Homegrown tomatoes for salsa
 The following views of the garden are from July when the garden looked it's best. In August the pants began to look a little worse even though production had picked up. Our tomatoes are still ripening more and more each day and the zucchini are just about done but still have a few left.

Friday, August 22, 2014

End of August= End of Summer

It is mid August and back to school time is looming before us. The yearly ritual of purchasing uniforms and other wardrobe staples has begun. The supplies are purchased and waiting in back packs for that first day to get here. The children and their mama however, are less prepared than ever for summer to end and autumn to trickle in. The call of the outdoors is still strong. Most days are spent with hands in the dirt or barefoot running through the yard. We have enjoyed the ability to take several trips this summer and spend time with friends and family discovering new corners of our area and the kids have spent months discovering new things about themselves.

I have been amazed by the amount of growth I have seen in both of the kids in the past few months. The schedule has relaxed and the freedom of self-discovery and self entertainment has revealed some great characteristics in my children. Their imaginations are thriving at this time and through their play they are learning things about nature, math, and words.

The garden is starting to slow down and the weather is already getting cooler so I guess we better get ready for fall but I wish we could just stretch these last summer days a little longer.