No Sugar Added Diet Day 4


Day four we had to rush out the door early for a dentist appointment breakfast was a quick egg scramble with cheese.


The oldest took her peanut butter on whole wheat sugar free bread for lunch with sides of snack fruit and two pieces of beef jerky along with a water bottle. My little boy and I for had some gnocchi along with peas and carrots. Sides were strawberries and some pepperoni. 
My husband had a lunch salad with pepperoni, cheese and all sorts of vegetable toppings that he could find refrigerator.  Including avocado and the leftover mango salsa from the night before's dinner.


Dinner was very simple grilled chicken breast with salt and pepper with sides of peas, carrots and broccoli along with leftover wild rice from the previous night.  I had my dinner at work while the rest the family stayed home and packed for our first camping trip of the season where we will finish out our no sugar diet while enjoying the great outdoors and really trying to push the limits our commitment.

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