No Added Sugar Day 5

Friday was an on your own breakfast day. I had a banana and coffee. My youngest had nuts along with a green apple. My oldest had a banana and nuts. My husband surprisingly chose to have a banana and orange again for breakfast.


My oldest packed her own lunch she again had peanut butter on whole grain no sugar added bread along with a side of orange and water to drink. My son and I had leftover gnocchi with cheese. My husband had leftover chicken and vegetables. 


Dinner was spent our first night at the campground we had hamburgers with whole wheat no sugar added buns and salad with no sugar added dressing. We had watermelon for desert.

I have to admit this was the night we decided midway through the challenge that we would have a second desert with real sugar. We had our summer camping favorite, s'mores with a predetermined amount for each of us.

The end result of the challenge is that we technically failed since we stopped at day 5. We learned a lot in those five days about our food choices. We learned a lot in those five days about our children. I really enjoyed watching them develop their taste buds for healthy foods. I was surprised how my daughter is similar to my husband in that they would eat the same thing everyday without complaint while my son and I tried to vary our diet each day. I was shocked by how long it took to make a homemade breakfast first thing in the morning with one hand while trying to feed a baby and getting everyone out the door quickly. The biggest hurdle though was that food is such a social interaction item. In school the kids were faced with friends birthday celebrations and special treats other celebrations. My husband and I were faced the relationship between certain events and food, the camping for example. Undoubtedly any time we wanted to spend time with someone food would be involved and we were constantly scrambling to explain what we were doing and try not to be rude to our hosts while trying to stay on track, sometimes that meant turning down a refreshing drink or cocktail and substituting water. No popsicles for the kids when the weather turned 80 degrees and friends were cooling off in the shade with popsicles. Sugar is EVERYWHERE in insane amounts.

The takeaway from this for us is that as long as we avoid processed foods we can avoid most of the added sugars. That will be our biggest long term goal is to completely wean off of processed foods and it will be a hard goal. It takes time to make your own salad dressing and condiments but I think in time we will develop a good rhythm and routine. We will be trying to use maple syrup and honey as our sweeteners, this will be so hard for me as I am a white sugar and carb girl all the way. It will be worth it though. In just a weeks time I dropped a pound and felt the bloat in my belly decrease. Our moods were more even keeled towards the end of the week after we really battled through the cravings. The basis of the diet is true if you cut our sugar you WILL feel better but at the end of the day sometimes you have to enjoy life and share a drink with a friend and eat that slice of cake on your birthday, we only get so many birthdays in a life time you know. 

Smoothies and salad for lunch the second day

Steak, potatoes and asparagus for dinner the second day


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