Getting Ready for the Fed Up Challenge

In another post I explained what the Fed Up Challenge was but briefly it is a challenge to remove all added sugar from you diet inspired by the information presented in a documentary.

I have to give careful consideration to planning our meals for this challenge because as a nursing mom my well being and milk making abilities have to come first. I am taking care to make sure that I get the number of calories I need although I am hoping by changing the sources of these calories I will feel better. It is however much easier/quicker to eat 100 hundred calories worth of yogurt of cookies that it is to eat 100 calories of green pepper. I am hopeful that with the addition of healthy fats and whole grain carbohydrates I will have no problem maintaining the appropriate number of calories. This is not supposed to be a calorie restricting diet but still I will be tracking just to make sure.

To start we read all of the labels in our home and figured out which options had to go. Then we looked at what we do right when it comes to sugar. We formulated a meal plan and did the shopping. We took the kids shopping with us allowing them to pick what foods they wanted and we discussed food content and look at label with them as we went along. We put our sugary foods in a box and hid them away, well actually my husband did. A tired mother of three cannot be trusted not to cave under pressure and toss the kids a granola bar for a few minutes of quiet.

So Long Junk
 I am really looking forward to a week of watching my kids eat whole, healthy foods with as little preservatives as possible. I am hoping that we experience increased energy levels and the kids learn to like some new foods after cleaning them with a clean palette. I am however prepared for there to be much resistance and possibly withdrawal symptoms due to the amount of sugar our bodies are used to. We'll see what happens.                                       


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