No Added Sugar Day Two

Breakfast was much easier this morning due to preparing the food the night before. We had options of homemade pancake batter sweetened with a little bit of applesauce and mini egg quiches made in a muffin tin utilizing our peppers, mushrooms, onions, cheese and pepperoni. My husband again chose to have a breakfast of one banana and two oranges (clementines).

For lunch today my daughter packed egg salad with a banana, some grapes, strawberries and water to drink. The boy and I had egg salad with cheese, pepperoni and grapes for lunch.  My husband had left over sausage and pepper from the night before.

For me snack was raw nuts. After school snack for the kids was cheese and homemade beef jerky.

Dinner on the second night was broiled tilapia with carrots and the leftover brown rice from the previous nights dinner. Followed again by desserts of grapes and honey dew.

Today was much easier for I due to the preplanned breakfast. The kids also knew exactly what they wanted to eat at meal times. The kids turned down an offer from a friend to have a popsicle, which I can't believe they did on their own. My husband though was given a good natured tease by co workers who placed swedish fish on his desk throughout the day.

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