What I have learned-February 5, 2014

Stitch by stitch for two months I have been steadily working on my first big crochet project and yesterday I finally completed it. With many small items like wash cloths and ornaments under my belt I felt confident as I undertook this larger project. Two friends of our are expecting their third child and I wanted to make a blanket as a gift for the baby because during my pregnancies I was gifted with such beautifully knitted and crocheted blankets and booties from family. It is so special to receive something homemade and I think I appreciate these gifts more now that I have embarked on my own blanket making journey. When I started the project I thought it would be a nice way to push myself a little without having to take on a full size afghan. I started with much enthusiasm shortly before Christmas and was enjoying sitting down with my husband in the evening and working on the blanket while conversing or watching tv. As the baby's due date got closer I felt the panic of not finishing in time. I pushed myself to continue even when my doubt about how much they would really like another baby blanket kicked in. It was a relief to complete the blanket and I was proud when I gave it to the expecting parents.

Pattern: Granny Square edged with single crochet then double crochet

Now that I have the project behind me my hands feel a little lost without the feeling of working the blanket on the hook. For months I have thought about the life that blanket would have as I slowly worked the stitches. I reminisced on the sweet smell of babies, the late night feedings, and the early morning cuddle sessions with a wee one. I thought of the family, the children who would gain a sibling and the mom and dad who would soon have three children instead of just two. I wondered whether the baby would have dark hair and dark eyes of perhaps be a bit fairer. I wished for the baby to be healthy. I hoped for the family to have great moments together. I imagined seeing the baby wrapped in the blanket I was making during her early months and carrying it in her arms as a toddler. I feel like each time the hook twisted the yard to weave the blanket I was weaving a story as well. 

A gift of warmth

This is what makes homemade gifts so special. A trip to the store for a baby gift is a momentary stop before moving on with life. Store bought gifts are useful, necessary and always appreciated for the thoughtfulness of the gift giver. Homemade gifts take gift giving to another level. They are created with the receiver in mind the whole time, with each stitch on a sewing machine, row on a knitting needle, cut in paper or however the gift is made. I know this now. My work on the blanket over the last two months helped teach me that. I look forward to embarking on this journey again as I begin another blanket for my very first niece due in a few months. I may even try a new pattern.

Does making someone a gift make you think about them throughout the process? Have you ever received a homemade gift that you absolutely loved? Please share your homemade gift experiences with me in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Not only is your blanket beautiful, you write so evocatively!!

  2. Your blanket is beautiful. I always like giving baby blankets to expecting parents. I have also gotten into the habit of making an afghan for the children of my good friends when they turn 16. I still have a baby blanket one of my high school students made me when I was expecting my first child. It was such a thoughtful gift from a student.

    1. It is so wonderful that you make afghans for the older children. Thanks for stopping by.


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