No sugar added diet Day 3

Stocked Full of Good Stuff

Breakfast today was mini quiche and pancakes again. My husband had two oranges and a banana again. 
For lunch my daughter took strawberry grape and honeydew fruit salad. Along with a bottle of water and a container of tuna fish. Little guy and I had pepperoni cheese strawberries honeydew outside on the picnic together. My husband a salad again with fruit

For dinner we had pork chops with mango salsa made from scratch along with wild rice and corn. Dessert was again fresh food option

We have been doing very well the kids of been discovering the new case and enjoying trying different foods but we almost met our match ice cream truck that drove by the house. One minute everything is going fine the kids are proud of their new diet habits and then an ice cream truck sound was heard both of them were very upset over the fact they could not eat ice cream. After some consoling and reassuring that the leak was almost finished the kids felt better looking forward to the time that they can have the ice cream without breaking the rules of the challenge they really do enjoy a challenge. That night however it was my turn to have my meltdown along with restricting sugar we had been restricting some refined carbohydrates as well and one temperature dropped in the tiredness said and all I wanted to do was eat something warm and comforting and carbohydrate filled I ended up having a piece of whole wheat no sugar added bread which fulfilled that that craving that I was having. 

And then because I had cave on the carbohydrates I promptly made my oldest child a peanut butter on whole wheat sandwich for lunch with no added sugar and either peanut butter for the bread.

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