Spring has Sprung

Spring is officially here and I could not be happier. We have been living seasonally, I think that is what they call it. For the length of winter we have been eating roasted root vegetables, potatoes, soups, and stews. The time has been spend crocheting, reading and cuddling up under blankets. Most days we passed time inside with what feels like very little social interactions. Hope is finally here though. There is something about spring that is truly like waking up. The soul stirs a little and the heart tends to race a little faster. With the day light hours now longer the days themselves feel longer and well and the loneliness of the endless feeling of night is starting to lift.

Spring brings with it a sense of dreaming. Now matter what task I am working on I find myself day dreaming about the coming days when the weather will become warmer and our time will be spent discovering the adventures of everyday life rather than just hoping to survive through the next day. I anxiously peek into the flower bed to note the progress of the flowering bulbs and my spirit swoons at the traces of purple from the crocuses. The slight wind blows an icy trickle against my cheek but no matter how winter tries to interject it's lingering presence I know its days are limited.

It is just about time to trade in the crochet hook for a shovel and to finally put my hands in the dirt rather than the snow.  Soon the days will be filled with sunshine and fresh air and the evenings will be filled with friends and neighbors as everyone begins emerging from their homes. This winter was a tough, cold, snowy one but it makes us all appreciate the little gifts that spring brings us.


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