Healthy Cooking

If you follow on Facebook a few weeks ago I mentioned that my husband's work is having a contest to encourage healthy eating, weight loss and increased activity. This leaves me, the one who usually makes dinner, looking for all the healthy recipes I can find. My definition of healthy varies greatly from my husbands as he wants low calories and I want whole foods with healthy fats and no chemicals. Needless to say the first week has been fun. Thankfully he eats two meals at work and then when he comes home I pump him full of goodness. To help him fulfill his need to have lower calorie meals we have been eating several vegetarian meals a week. I am learning that my weakness is carbohydrates. Oh, how I love a good starchy meal but they are not so great for my body and boy do I feel it when I eat them.

So how have we been surviving? We have been eating some great meals, heathy meals, that give us energy and nourish our bodies.

Meals like this:

Maple Glazed Salmon with Brussels Sprouts

And this:

French Bread Pizza

Some like this:

Cauliflower Puttanesca

One of my favorites:

Roast Chicken


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