A Strange Week Indeed

Things are strange around here for the past week or so. The normal routine has been varying way off course as volunteer events and fundraisers have been taking up time. The slow pace of daily life picked up to a maddening race until the four of us were left collapsed on the couch, exhausted. As with all things, the busyness ceased and we find ourselves regaining our composure and energy as we fall back into our usual rhythm.

With the change in our routine we have also upset the ebb and flow for Stormy the dog who has taken to showing her discontent by shredding tissues from the bathroom trash and completely annihilating her ball. I tried to pacify her with extra walks and playtime in between bouts of alone time, no luck.

It was a ball

My little plastic container gardening experiment has been going quite well with lot of green making an appearance. There is one rouge plant which while the container is tells me should be a green pepper looks nothing like any green pepper I have ever seen. Not to mention that at only 3 days since it sprouted it towers over everything else that is growing, I call shenanigans. I am very curious about what it really is though.

Green! Little Guy is pointing out his favorite little seedling.

Something looks off

I also spent my weekend fulfilling my role as my girl's biggest fan at one of her competitions. She did a great job and I am very proud. I had to take a day off from work to attend this competition and I was discussing this with a co-worker the day before. This co-worker told me I should just tell my daughter that I can't always be there for everything that I have to work and make money so that I can buy her "things". My response was that if I told my daughter that, she would just tell me to quit my job all together because she doesn't want me to buy her "things" as much as she wants me to be involved in her life. I received a blank stare in return. Yes, I am the strange one.

Lastly, time moved ahead one hour but my body feels like time moved ahead several hours and left me behind in the dust.

Any idea what my rogue plant is?

I hope you all have a great week. May your bodies adjust quickly to the time change, your schedules move at a reasonable pace and your animals behave.


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