A Break in the Weather

There was finally a break in the weather. The temperatures went well into the 60's here making it warm enough for us all to trudge outside in the mud to soak up the sunshine. The kids and the dog played for hours digging in the mud and running around. There is a collection of mud pies curing at the edge of the sand box. Why dig in sand when mud is more plentiful?

I was able to accomplish some outdoor tasks. It felt great to be out in the fresh air basking in the sun and working up a sweat while crossing things off the to do list. The seedlings took a field trip out to the yard where they were gently blowing in the breeze and hopefully building up nice strong stems for their upcoming move to the outside, permanently. I found some onion sets at the local farm stand that needed to get in the ground right away and since the snow has melted and the ground has thawed the task was relatively easy.

The windows to the house were opened for the first airing out of the season and our blankets were hung outside after a quick washing. There is absolutely nothing like falling asleep with the smell of fresh air still lingering in the fabric, especially when it is the first time in months the blankets have dried outside rather than in the dryer.

I am now feeling more energized and ready to undertake spring cleaning. All I can think of is organizing and scrubbing the house. I usually despise cleaning tasks but there is something about crawling out of our hibernation state that makes me want to wipe the slate clean and then scrub it again. Spring was definitely in the air today. It is such a shame that the temperature will barely breaking freezing tomorrow night but I am so thankful to see the light at the end of this cold winter tunnel.


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