Lessons Learned from the Garden

There is absolutely nothing like a garden to make you feel so power yet so weak at the same time. Months of hard work and painstaking caretaking can result in some wonderful plant growth. The leaves and stem may be absolutely perfect. The dirt may be made of the most perfect homemade compost. You may have the best plant specimen that can be found such as heirloom, non-GMO, or a rare flower growing successfully under your watchful eye. Talk about feeling like you hold life in the palm of your hand, you made this wonderful thing grow. However, when it comes time for the fruit or vegetable to develop you are absolutely helpless to make anything happen. There is nothing that you can do to make that beautiful flower open up. No amount of willing will work. This is the point where you let go and learn that while we have the ability to influence so many of the things that occur in our garden there are somethings that depend on something much greater than ourselves. Talk about humbling. This is why I have my kids help with the garden, it teaches lessons.


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