What I learned Wednesday-Not so good

I used some of my free time to make butter mints. They are supposedly ultra satisfying by fulfilling cravings for sweetness but also adding the fat that sustains longer than sugar would alone. It sounds reasonable to me, not that I would recommend eating too many at one time. I went into to this very excited about how good this could be. In my mind I had imagined that the taste would be very similar to the creamed sugar and butter base used for most cookies or like butter cream icing with more of a butter flavor rather than sweet taste.

Above are the butter mints in all of their beauty. I wish I could say that they were delicious unfortunately, they are not. The flavors do not really seems to blend together in one cohesive taste, instead they are more like one taste hits then the next and the next but not of them seem to complement each other. This makes me a little sad because the cost of butter is ridiculous and I will not be throwing them out. I shall indeed consume each and every one, yuck. 

I decided that I would give another recipe a try to see if I could get better results. The list of ingredients seemed like a good combination: maple syrup, butter, and cinnamon. These were just one step away from pancakes and pancakes are always good, always. I whipped up a batch and they are very good. 
I used some real maple syrup that our family in Maine brought on one of their visits and it is just the perfect sweetness. I am glad that I tried again.


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