Not Just an Ordinary Day

I know it's just a commercial holiday made to influence us all into buying more useless items to prove our love to those we hold dear but...

I don't know about you but I am not one who gives my family unselfish love on a regular basis. I love them dearly and show them daily but there is always something I stand to gain from my tokens of affection. If I make them a wonderful homemade meal using a favorite recipe I hope that at the end of the meal their tummies will be full and they will tell me that they enjoyed the meal. As much as the act of making the meal satisfies my need to make them feel loved I also need affirmation that the message of love, in this case food, was well received. I try to give a hug and kiss to each member of the family every time we come and go but also at interval in between, just because I can. To be honest, the times when I get a hug or kiss back make me feel so much better than the times I get pushed away or told to wait a minute.

I love them because loving them makes them happy and when they are happy I tend to be happy. Of course this goes both ways. My daughter at time will surprise me by giving me a hug out of no where or adding an extra chore to her daily that is usually something I handle. She does these things to show me love and my reaction to her action makes her feel happier.

There are also times when we do things to show love that result in negative consequences for us. For me it usually involves giving up something I want to do so that another member of my family can feel loved. For example, when making that wonderful homemade meal I might skip roasting the vegetables (my favorite way to eat them) for the less detested steamed vegetable, thus making for some happy children.  I know love should not be selfish or self-serving but I feel that by loving someone there is always something to be gained. Their happiness and feeling of being loved due to my love or sacrifice makes me happy.

With all that said yes, today may be a commercial holiday but I will make a stupid heart shaped card, and there will be an extra treat at dessert time. This day says that I should do it and if my three little valentines dislike my cards and dessert well then I guess I will blame it on this crazy Valentine's Day. It's a freebie day to put yourself out there and tell someone you love them and in this crazy world today is it really so bad if millions of us profess love to each other? It may not be the most sincere love for some of people but it's a step in the right direction.


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