Meet 2/17/14


Last week we celebrated another birthday this time my baby turned 4 years old. This is such a bittersweet birthday for me as I love watching him as he grows and learn but I am not ready for my last baby to stop being a baby. I wish there was a button where I could pause life for a bit and enjoy certain stages a little longer but I guess that the inability to do so is part of what makes life so special. I try to take it all in as I go through the days knowing that all too soon I will be wondering where the time has gone. My little guy still spend most of his time with me everyday. He does go to preschool for a couple hours a week but it is more for him to play with kids his own age than anything else. While he is with me at home I find myself laughing more than anything else. He has such a fun personality and he is so charming. He is always looking for fun things to do and when he gets in trouble he can bat his eyes and  make the most charismatic ploy to escape punishment. It is tough resisting the urge to let him get away with everything. This little guy is the most lovable person I have ever met as he is always looking to either give a hug or get a hug. He will randomly stop what he is doing and come to me saying, "I love you mommy" while collecting a hug or kiss. He also likes to hold hands while he talks, he will grab his teachers hand, my hand, daddy's, anyone's, really while he talks about what is on his mind.  His sweetness is awesome but deep down he is still all boy. He make questionable decisions on a daily basis like jumping off of or climbing on top of things. He likes to do "work" which includes everything from housework to yard work. Right now his big fascination is to "cut" the grass with his toy lawnmower because the grass "must be getting pretty big underneath all that snow".  He also uses a stick as a weed wacker, which may be my favorite toy he has every imagined and it has been around for about 2 years now.


Now that he is 4 I am seeing the independent streak come out in him. He has always been more interested in doing things on his own than with help but now things are a whole new level. I hope I survive this age without going completely gray.

I asked him some questions and he gave honest answers:
Favorite color: green
Favorite food: chicken nuggets
Favorite movie: Frozen
Favorite song: "Let it Go" from Frozen
Favorite animal: Lion
Likes: tools, outside, camping, fishing and snow ("I really like to eat the snow, it's yummy")
Dislikes: sleep, zucchini and pony rides

Helping start the garden last year

These were the answers I could get before he ran off to fight bad guys.


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