Here we go again, time to be introduced to another member of the family. I have chosen my husband for today's post. This guy is incredible! Over the weekend we held a birthday party for our little guy and my husband was my hero. While I finished my last work day he was home cleaning and prepping for the party, while taking care of both kids and the dog. That is one of the things I love most about him, he picks up where I leave off and vice versa. He is really like a completion of me he is everything that I am not or cannot be and when he has an off day I naturally fall into his place. 

Favorite color: red

Favorite food: steak (which he rarely gets) and anything with south western of mexican flavors. Oh, and salad this man eats more salad than any woman I have ever met, especially in the summer when all the stuff comes from our garden. 

Men at Work

Favorite past time: Tinkering. He loves to take things apart and put them back together particularly cars. He has raced cars in the past (this is probably his favorite hobby), playing guitar, off-loading, and there is an app game with a toy army that I lose him to for a solid hour every once in a while. Spending time with his family.

The old race car

Dislikes: Snow, especially shoveling snow. He has this thing with New Jersey recently, something about gun laws. Not much else he's pretty easy going. 

One of his guitars, can't find any photos of him playing. 

Goals: He want to move to a place with no less than 30 acres, preferably in Montana for some reason. I guess it's the adventurer in him. Too bad he married a person who hates change would never consider Montana, ever. I would love to visit, I hear it's beautiful but my roots are in this area and so is our extended family. He would also like to one day play his guitar on stage. He plays around every campfire we have and for every guest that comes over but he still has this burning urge to perform for real. 

So that is a little about the yin to my yang. He's not a perfect man but he is perfect for me and he's a great dad. He cooks, cleans, and does laundry if needed but would much rather split wood, build fires and do work with his hands. He's pretty important around here and I think I'll keep him, forever.


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