Keeping Up with the...

Christmas was a success in our household. They day was filled with gifts and homemade foods including pumpkin cinnamon rolls, stromboli, and turkey with all the fixings. I managed to stay in my pajamas all day long, it was Christmas after all. Late in the evening I did shower and put a clean pair of pajamas. I felt great to sit around and not really do much of anything. We played games, watched moves, played music together and just hung out in general. Now getting back to real life is a must and unfortunately not everyday is a wear your pj's and play games kind of day. 

Since altering our lifestyle there has been one quote that haunts me. I will be going through my day and it will pop into my head it makes me feel guilty. The quote is, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” I try so very hard to live a life that can be reflected in this quote but it is so hard for me. Sometimes it is just easier to go to the store and get what I need and move through my day. The store is two minutes away, maybe 10 if I walk and more often than not spending a couple dollars is no issue. Take bread for example. I could get up 15 minutes earlier in the morning to get it prepped before the kids wake and then spend the rest of the morning finishing up the loaves in between the other household tasks. Or I can just run to the store and within a half hour at most have a loaf of bread, I would go as far as to say I could have a fresh loaf of bread baked by a local baker with quality ingredients in that period of time. So I guess that is what I struggle with the most, the desire to be this awesome homesteading, homemade marvel but I can't even force myself to make bread every week.  I have these huge goals for our home in the future and my husband, bless his soul, is on board with all of them but when I get hung up on the simple tasks I feel like our goals become that much more unobtainable. 

The internet does not help this feeling of inadequacy. I look to a lot of blogs to learn new tips, tricks, and find people who think like me, it can be inspiring. On the other hand when these blogs are a source of income for the writers, some of the posts almost become inconceivable to readers. I am always left with the impression that they jump out of bed before the sun, no matter how cold, to milk the cow, bake their bread and cook breakfast for their kids. Then they write their blogs, sew a dress, make butter, and make a fabulous home cooked dinner then sit by the fire knitting until bedtime. Yes, I know that in real life the aforementioned routine might be completely fictional yet believable due to the disconnect of the internet with reality but dang namit I really want to be like that awesome homesteading marvel. So tomorrow I am going to get up a few minutes early and start that bread! Or maybe I'll just try to get through another day hoping that the dog stops trying to attack her new bed, the kids fight only a little bit, and the house is some semblance of clean by the time my husband walks through the door.  Simple living is similar to pulling a thistle from the garden. With time and patience the thistle is entirely removed and the garden able to flourish yet by trying to remove the weed too fast the roots snap from the rest of the shoot allowing the thistle to continue growing. Simple living= time + patience - keep up with others. 


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