At it again


More snow this morning. So far we have had more snow in the past two days than we had all winter last year. I had a feeling in the early fall that this winter would have either a lot of little snow storms or a few major storms. There was something about the way the leaves were falling from the trees. The weather this fall was mild and the vegetable plants lasted longer than usual but the trees seemed to know what was in store as the leaves jumped from the trees. I am no weather person so we shall see as the winter goes on if it really is a rough winter for us.

Today's snow is the light fluffy kind that clings to everything it touches turning our small suburban neighborhood into a true winter wonderland. The trees and bushes look like they were painted white. The neighbors were out again in full force shoveling snow and lending each other a hand. The kids were "helpful" as they tried to help clear side walks with gardening trowels or any shovel they could plead an adult into giving them.

Once the work was done the warm house seemed to be calling us in. After a quick attempt at a snow man we headed in for some warm hot chocolate and bowls of soup. There is nothing like a snow day where there is nothing to do and no where to go. A check of the mail revealed my favorite seed catalog.  The Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. Don't you love when your favorite seed catalog arrives? I love this catalog as it is filled with colorful photos, unusual seed varieties and recipes. I can't wait to pour over the pages picking out what I want to grow in our garden this year and get ideas for future years.

 Just when I feel like I am settling into winter this catalog is a reminder that before long time will march on and a new season will come. The cold will be replaced by warmth and the garden trowel will replace the snow shovel in my hand. Thus is the life of gardener always looking ahead and planning for the future.

How is the weather where you are?


  1. My Baker Creek came yesterday too! I LOVE looking through it-shared a little time with the 2 year old granddaughter looking at it-but MUST find time to take a really good look at it! And yes-before we know it-we will be planting again! God Bless and Merry Christmas! Susie

  2. Enjoy perusing your catalog. Merry Christmas to you also!


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