Taking it on the road

The daffodils are up in our yard although the flowers have yet to make their appearance and the air is filled with the excitement and anticipation of spring.  The seedlings are really taking off now. The coming of Spring means that it is time for the work to begin. It seems that for the winter months the busyness slows to a gentle hum and at the first sign of spring there is a invisible motor that begins to roar to life propelling us to work  well into the summer.

Bartering has been very helpful to us this year. Seed trading has allowed us to share some of our favorite varieties with our friends and family. Also, a friend of our had plans to rent a tiller for his garden and we offered to go in on it with him since the fee is for a half day even if it is only used for an hour. It is a win win for everyone. He only has to pay half the cost and so do we and both of our gardens get done. 

Another exciting development is that I have found a group of people who share simple life interests similar to mine in my area. How our paths have not crossed before I don't know but I am excited to connect with them. 

I feel comfortable with the simple changes that have been made in my household and now I am ready to share what I have learned with more than just close friends, family and blog readers.  I will continue to share everything I learn with family, friends, and blog reader because they are near and dear to me but  I am ready to take this show on the road and hopefully help others in my community as I learn new things from them as well. There is something special about being able to teach and learn in a tactile way. I hope to keep you all up to date on what I learn and things that I am able to share and help others with. Spring is proving to be an exciting time around here. 


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