How to Kill Your Garden Plants

I usually like to write about all of the good things that happen around the house and garden in hopes that I may be able to encourage others spend more time in the garden or enjoying home life. Sometimes though, things do not go a planned or like a stubborn fool I go ahead with an idea despite prior experience that should make me think twice. 

Sometime last year I had shared a picture in a post of what used to be our small back garden. Thanks to the addition of a storage shed and some other changes, the drainage of the yard has changed and not for the better. I decided to test my luck by planting some seedlings back there because as usual I got carried away with my seeds. Of course the weather changed rapidly and that night a "passing storm" unloaded 2 inches of rainfall. My wonderful little garden was under about 4 inches of water by morning. 

This is after the flood. The white mild carton was covered by the water earlier in the day. 
Note to self next time please listen to the voice in your head that says, 'don't do it'. 

If you want to guarantee crop failure here is what you do:
1. Plant in a hurry (preferably as you try to rush the family out the door to an all day event)
2. Forget to check the weather or blow off the report as a nothing major is coming 
3. Ignore what you know about your land and plant where you think things should go, despite changes in the land (such as flooding)
4. Tell yourself that this year will be different (last time was just bad luck, right?)

Put all of these steps together and you can pretty much plan on killing all the plants in your garden or you could be much better than me and avoid all this by thinking things through a lot better than I did. Either way, I wish you happy gardening. 


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