Stormy Dog Antics

Wow it is Thursday already! The weather cleared up just long enough for me to get a few things done in the garden. The days have been extremely ordinary around here. Everyday feels like the same: clean, eat, sleep, play, go outside and putz around not really much worth sharing. I am in mood to just enjoy watching everything slowly wake up as the season shifts. So today's post will showcase some of the adventures of one of the more comical characters in the home. These were taken over a period of months and it has become a game to see which strange position or place we will find her in next.

Now I know what she would do with a chicken. Note to self: NO CHICKENS!

Sunbathing on a table.

"Look mom I found a really big water bowl."

"I am trying to work here mom."

"This log needs to go a little to the right. "

"I got it, I got it!"

"Best day ever!"

"What do you mean it's to big? It's perfect!"

"Mom, seriously?"

Sittin pretty on a stool. 

Watching beagle puppies on youtube.

Her favorite spot of all. 
Do you ever walk into a room or area to find your pet in a strange position or doing something rather silly? I think the dog gets into more trouble than the kids.


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