2014 Soil Preparation


Sand, Compost and Soil added

The supervisors watching the tiller.

After and ready for planting

This past weekend was time for us to prepare our garden for planting. Every year we follow pretty much the same plan because we subscribe to the thought, "if it isn't broke don't fix it". My husband was kind enough to extend the garden by another ten feet one day while I was at work so we now have an even larger area to work with. Have I ever told you have much I love him? Well, I do, especially when he makes awesome garden stuff happen.

So, back to the weekend soil preparations. We have a lot of clay in our soil here so one of the first things we add each year is sand. It helps to break up the clay and gives the soil a less compact texture. We added some more garden soil this year, about 5 bags. Due to rain and wind we lose a little soil from the garden so each year we add just a little extra. The one thing we did this year that we have not done before is add our own compost. We had a 20 gallon container that was filled will completely broken down compost so we spread that through the garden. Once all the additions were made the tiller was used to mix it all together and break up the large clumps of dirt. 

Little Guy loved watching the tiller and made his toy lawn mower his new tiller. My Girl just wanted to know when the plants would be able to be planted. She was itching to dig in the dirt. 

How do you prepare your garden soil in your area?


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