Saving a Library Book

One of the ways we stretch a dollar around here is by borrowing books from the library. I can get just about any book from them by requesting and we can also rent just released movies for the awesome price of $1.

This week I was bit by the spring cleaning bug. I woke up one morning and decided that the blinds, curtains, and windows in the whole house had to be cleaned or I would go crazy. I was in the middle of this frenzy when I accidentally knocked by most recent library book into the bucket of soapy water that I was using to clean the window trim. Boo! The whole book was completely soaking wet from cover to cover. For some reason I jut picked up the closest heavy object I could find and set the book on a flat surface with a piece of fabric underneath so it would not get stuck to the surface. I left it alone for a couple hours and went back to peak at it, expecting it to be a shriveled mess. However the pages were all still straight, they were wet, but they were straight. I left the whole set up in place for a couple days and when I checked this morning the book looks to be in pretty good condition. It will take several more days to completely dry out before I can be sure that the book is saved. I really hope it is. If it is not okay I will hang my head as I hand the book over to the librarian and beg for forgiveness and a reasonable replacement price. 


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