Passing on skills

The dogwood tree in  the start of the snow.

We are getting hit with more snow again today with estimates of 8-12 inches expected. Lots of time spent inside means that the kids are getting stir crazy. Yesterday we decided to open up the big kiddo's new sewing machine and give it a whirl. It was very cute to watch her approach this new skill as she was very apprehensive about how she would be able to handle the machine. At the same time she was very excited to see what she could do. We started the morning selecting a fabric that she really like to inspire her. She picked a really pretty blue paisley and we decided it would be great to make a cushion for her window seat, something she can make in the future.

New fabric

To start off we practice becoming familiar with the machine by going over the parts. She was pretty familiar with what the machine looks like from watching me work on projects over the years. Then she played with the machine for a minute figuring out how to plug it in and turn it on. Once she was set I handed her these printables that I found online. She quickly learned how to control the speed with the foot pedal, turn the page, lower the needle and back stitch. She became confident very quickly and was concentrating very hard on the task at hand.

Her first go with the machine. 

It was fun for me to sit back and let her figure it out on her own. She kept trying to figure out where exactly she wanted the foot pedal to sit so that she would feel comfortable. The perfectionist in her made her doubt her own ability for a minute but she continued to work through it. It is really fun to share these simple skills with her and watch as she goes through the steps of learning from apprehension, struggling and eventually success. At this point I am proud of her and if sewing turns out to be something that she does not enjoy at least she will have some basic skills that she can use throughout her life time.

Today we may try to thread the machine and sew on a scrap of fabric. I have a few small projects that should be fairly easy for her to complete while she continues to build her skills.

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