Dragging Along

A little homemade chicken broth. 

Man, is it cold outside. Lows in the teens with wind chills below zero have made their appearance and don't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. The 13 inches of snow we got this week won't be melting in this weather but the house is warm and we have enjoyed some downtime due to snow days. The chill in the air has me feeling like hibernating. The house no longer feels constrictive like it did a short time ago instead it now feels comfortable, safe, and warm. There is no where in the world I would rather be in this moment than on my couch curled up with two kids and a dog all vying for a larger piece of the blanket while my husband sit mere inches away with the whole love seat to himself. This cold weather also has me craving warm comfort foods such as chili and broccoli cheddar soup which were both on the menu this week.

Book marks that the kiddo made this week. 

When it comes to blogging I am feeling a little uninspired. There is nothing like staring at a blank page just waiting to have thoughts and ideas poured onto it to make the brain completely shut down. Thoughts fly through my head non-stop by wrangling them in to one cohesive thought is evading me right now. I am thinking about starting a short term blog schedule that would give me an outline to channel some thought but still give me a little lee way with what I write. I am going to try to have my final schedule ready by next week. Then I will do my best at maintaing the schedule until the activity in our home picks up as the seed planting time approaches and like falls back into the chaotic rhythm of feeling one step behind for months on end.

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