New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year! I am happy to have made it through another year and I am excited for all of the possibilities of the new year. This is a busy time of the year for our family as we celebrate back to back birthdays. Tomorrow is my beautiful girl's eighth birthday. It makes me sad that she is getting older and she is less "my child" everyday. She is becoming her own person and over time it becomes more and more apparent in her personality and interests. As a mom I want her to be a little baby forever where I can keep her safe but I also enjoy watching as bit by bit she comes into her own. Every once in a while I get glimpses of what she will be like in the coming years. I have been enjoying watching the impact she has on others around her as she build relationships outside of our family. She is always the one making her friends laugh with her antics. Her coaches comment on how she is hardworking, persistent, and dedicated yet she is always one to be a total goof if given a minute to do so. I am proud to be her mom and when she gives me a hug there are days I never want to let go. All of these feelings and she is only turning eight in ten more years I am going to be a wreck. So with all that said I would like to share my goals for the next year with you. Goal number one is to not to turn into a weepy mess every time I look  at my big girl tomorrow. It's going to be hard.

So here are my goals in nice list form for 2014

Personal Goals
-No weepy messes on kids birthdays

-Wake up earlier
-Go to bed earlier
-Seriously look for land

-Continue building relationships with friends, family and neighbors
-Depend more on locally sourced items
-Continue with career advancement

Yard and Garden
-Learn to pressure can
-Enlarge the garden yet again
-Plant some fruit trees
-Try more heirloom seeds
-Build the kids a look out
-Finish the trim on our shed that we built
-Close the gaps in our fence

-Declutter the house
-Install a wood stove
-Refinish the hardwood floors

I know there is a lot more I hope to accomplish this year but I think this is a good list to start with. If you are making goals for yourself I wish you the best in succeeding. I also want to wish everyone happiness, health and love in the new year.


  1. That is a very busy list of goals! Hope you accomplish what you set out to achieve. Stopping by from the Home Acre Hop!
    Easy Life Meal & Party Planning

  2. Thanks for stopping by. It is a steep set of goals but I love to challenge myself. Happy New Year!

  3. Great list!
    Thanks for sharing at the HomeAcre Hop, hope you join us again!


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