Today I would like to introduce you to one of my family members. She may indeed be the  most out going and vocal member of our family. She is cute, smart, and funny. Without further ado please meet:

This is our dog. Her real name is Stormy. Nicknames include: beagle breathe, puppers, Storms, punko, and whatever else falls out of my mouth on any given day. It's a wonder the dog has any sense of identity. It does not help that just the other day my daughter decided to start calling her  Beethoven after the notoriously bad St. Bernard featured in the movies. Have you ever owned a beagle or met a beagle? They really are special dogs. They are very energetic, she could run all day long. They are S-M-A-R-T. Half the time when she is getting in my nerves it is because she has out smarted me. "Stormy don't climb on the display table in front of the window". She listens well, she won't do it again for say the next 5 minutes but then she climbs on the tv stand, weasels behind the tv and then peeks her head up to the window. But hey she did not climb on the display table again. Yet. Technicalities Mom. 

So here is a bit of her biography. 
Breed: Beagle/Devil Dog. No, I think she is beagle mixed with some sort of terrier possibly Parsons or Jack Russel? I never met a beagle who clear a five foot fence like this one can. 
Favorite foods: Bones, chicken, beef, bugs, whatever the kids are eating that she can steal. If it falls on the floor it's hers, in her mind. Last, if there is no other choice dog food will do.

Favorite Past times: Walks on the beach, hiking, mountain climbing, and rock climbing. She loves playing with kids and chasing rabbits, squirrels and birds. 

Dislikes: Being inside, winter, fences, leads, loud noise, closed doors and sad people. Every person she meets must be happy or else they get the wiggle butt and kisses. 

Goals in life: Her goals her simple love everyone, especially her own family. Find the warmest fluffiest spot around where she can curl up in a ball to take a nap, preferably next to her human where she can dream about spring and chasing rabbits and squirrels. 

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