The to do List

The to-do list for this week is lengthy like most weeks. I like having an actual list in front of me so that I can mark off things when they are done. I like feeling like I have control over my life and my lists give me a tiny sense of control. I can choose what to do and what not to do today. I can choose the order in which I am going to do the things that have to get done today. In the areas when I can't choose not to do the task or the time at which I complete the task I can at least choose what color highlighter or pen I cross the item off my list with. Now for a glimpse at my list. 

1. Tie up loose ends. I am simultaneously working on a blanket for the living room and scarves for the kids. I have a goal of two granny squares per day and to weave in the loose ends on both scarves.

2. Enjoy some reading in my down time. (I love, love, love this book) Time for reading is short but I squeeze it in where I can. 

3. Try something new and reuse things around the house. The little guy and I made some candles reusing the old ends of other candles. By adding the hot wax to a water bath and placing new wicks into a mold we ended up with two new candles. We also had one heck of a science lesson. We watched as the wax changed from solid to liquid and back again.

4. Apply mulch to the garden. The garden needed one more layer of mulch and with all the leaves collecting in our yard we had good, free mulch for the winter right at our finger tips.

5. Enjoy the harvest and use up everything we can. Nothing wraps up a hard day like a warm pot of soup made with ingredients fresh from the garden. The broth was also made from the bones of the roast chicken we had for dinner the night before.

6. Share. The little guy and I shared the fruits of our labor with the rest of the family by lighting the candle we made and filling the house with its soft warm glow. We also shared the couch while watching a movie together.

7. Stop and look around. Last on my list was to stop being so busy and look around. The autumn is on its way out so the leaves are falling quickly. Before long the winter will have settled in, the holidays will be coming and the year will be over. I try to take at least a minute each day to appreciate all that is going on around me. Tomorrow the children will be another day older and the behaviors that drive me crazy today might disappear overnight.


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