Finding Power in the Home

So I had this post ready to go and decided not to put it up on the blog yesterday. This morning I came across two quotes that summed up what I was feeling when I wrote this post. I think this is one of those times when life says, "We'll come on with it already". So here are my random thoughts and the quotes.

“To grow your own food gives you power and dignity. You know exactly what you’re eating because you grew it. It’s good, it’s nourishing and you did this for yourself, your family and your community.” Karen Washington
Now that fall has officially settled in and winter is fast approaching it is time for a little reflection on the things that have worked this year and things that have not worked so well so that we can be better prepared next year. One of the things that has been helpful is keeping a garden journal so I can remember the exact time that seeds were sown, plants transplanted and first harvests were ready. Looking through and remembering the success of our garden this summer is awesome. I remember how  proud I felt the first night that I served my family eggplant parmigiana with a salad with only ingredients fresh from our garden, except for the mozzarella cheese. It made me feel so powerful to know that I had sown, transplanted, nurtured, grown and harvested the food that would fuel my family. Now that the summer garden has been put to bed for the winter and the winter garden is well under way most of the work around the home has moved in doors. The crafting has begun and I am excited for being able to provide the family with warm items to wear, a warm comforting home to wander back to at the end of a long day and warm foods from the items we put up over the summer. I look forward to the learning more from my family as we spend the more quiet indoor hours together. I have already enjoyed learning how to draw people from the 7 year old and the 3 year old has been excited to show me how to build swords from anything he can find. Maybe this year I'll even allow my husband to show me how to play a few cords on his guitar.

I wish that others were able to see the power in building a home and family. It seems that all too often we allow the distractions around us to keep us from seeing what is most important in life. The other day my girl and I had a chance to share a few hours together alone and she wanted to go to a local breakfast spot. So off we went excited for the chance to share a rare breakfast out and some alone time to reconnect with each other and share what is going on in our lives. Half way through our meal my girl looked over at the table next to us and said, " How come everyone in that family is playing with their phones and games?" I looked over and sure enough both parents were on their phone looking at stuff and the kids were all occupied with their game systems. The whole time they were in the restaurant they ignored each other except to argue with each other about a child who was not happy with his order because he "wasn't paying attention to what he had asked for" as he was at an important part of his game. My girl really couldn't understand what the point was in going out together if no one was paying attention to each other and was happy that we did not have to bring those things with us in order to spend time with each other. At the end of our meal she decided that of all the places she could spend the rest of our alone time together she wanted to head home. Once we got there I was given my impromptu people drawing lesson (which I did terrible on) but my gracious teacher kept encouraging me even though I am a helpless case. I was so shocked that home was one of the special places she wanted to share with me during our time together. When I asked her why she relied, "It is home".

Again I felt the power that home has and how important the input from each of us is into making our home have that draw the calls to us. The things that we all bring with us sneak into the corners of our home and surround us. I wonder what our home would feel like if we were too distracted to really see each other. Would it continue to call to us if we did not take time to share and love each other what would sneak into the corners of our home and surround us? Our house is a little dusty sometimes and a little cluttered most of the time, it is loud, it is a place to grab a quick hug and snuggle a furry friend. It is place to vent frustrations and a place bother your sibling. It is the place where I have been able to watch both food and children grow. This home is a powerful place maybe because of what we put into it or maybe it is what we get out of it. I wonder if that is what is some of what is wrong with the world today, the homes have lost their power and people keep looking for distractions to fill that void.

Getting a much needed snuggle

Put down your phone, look around, life is happening!

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