Lessons from the Week

Lesson #1: Beagles are hunting dogs. My beagle reminded me of this fact by bringing me a dead mole that she had caught after snapping the metal hook that attached her lead to the house. The doggy sweater that she whined until I put it on her really added a special touch to the moment.

Lesson #2: In the eyes of a 7 year old girl you, as the mom, are always wrong. Until you are proven right, which in her eyes just says that you are less wrong than she is.

Lesson #3: Sometimes a three year old just has to spear his chicken nuggets with his miniature toy fishing pole in order to eat them. While not politically correct, within the walls of the home sometimes a moms gotta do what a moms gotta do.

Lesson #4: Tucking your vegetables in for the night under a layer of plastic makes your neighbors think you have really gone off the deep end.

Lesson #5: Filling homemade door draft  blockers with sand is a wonderful idea to keep the heat in. That is until the aforementioned 3 year old or hunting dog rips one end open. Then its kind of like Florida came to visit the living room.

Lesson #6: A chicken roasting in the oven and quilts on the couch are the perfect touches for settling in with the family as the cold threatens to make the first frost outside.


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