The Last Ditch Effort

I love our little yarden (yard/garden). We have made numerous improvements over the years but there is one area of the yard that has me stumped. I have learned some lessons from this area of the yard which for some reason I chose to ignore this spring.

Again I find myself looking at this desolate little plot wondering what to do with it as the weeds grow several feet high and become the bane of my neighbors. I decided to do some research and came up with a new idea, a rain garden. Yes! This is exactly what my little water logged plot of land needs to live up to its potential. 

A rain garden is a... I'll just let wikipedia tell you here

I looked at a list of local vegetation that would work well in a rain garden and I just happened to have a large day lily, and two volunteer hostas growing in one of the flower beds. I decided to move those into the new rain garden. In the coming weeks I will divide and move a phlox once the flowers are through and this little rain garden will be off to a great start. I decided to add rocks to help with soil retention and water drainage and the final touch is a piece of tree root that we dug up at some point that has been just lying around. Not to bad for a last ditch effort of making this area pretty and functional. I am still exploring the option of a dry well for the other side of the yard that will help this area as well.


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