Our Advent for 2014

I was browsing through Facebook the other day and I found a really neat way to count down to Christmas.

When I say browsing I mean, reading intently for the 10th time that day.

And when I say a really neat way to count down to Christmas, I mean a no brainer, easy peasy, free way to count down.

I saw this idea in response to someones post about Christmas books. The idea is to wrap up all of your Christmas books and number them 1 through 24. Each night the kids can pick out the book for the day and the whole family can sit down and read the book together.

It is another way to spend a few minutes together. It also allows all the Christmas books in the house to have a chance to get read rather than reading the same one 20 times while all the others remain on the shelves. At the end of the Christmas the books can be rewrapped and stored with all of the Christmas decor rather than left taking up shelf space on the off season.

The best part is that can be free if you have enough books or cheap if you look for used books and yard sales and second hand shops.

We have started this already and the kids love it as they get to read some of their favorites as well as some others that they would normally pass up. It is a nice little tradition to add to the season and as the kids get older we can change up the titles. I like this much better than collecting small nicknacks that just take up space or the ever popular small chocolates. Believe it or not even kids eventually get sick of all the sweets at Christmas time.


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