Non-productive Day

Today was one of those cold and rainy days it also happened to be Columbus Day which meant that one of the kids had off from school. Together we spent the morning gathering the last pieces for her Halloween costume and playing board games while little guy spent his morning at preschool. It was one of those days that was perfect for not accomplishing much of anything. 

With all of the comfy places to curl up and watch a show she picks to lounge on the landing of the stairs.

This was my "project" for the day. I emptied the shelf in the hallway coat closet. I remember reading some where a long time ago that any empty shelf gives a visual reminder that there is some free space left in the home. Here's to hoping that it's true with winter closing in and a new baby coming space feels less and less by the day. Now if only my husband would stop thinking of all the wonderful uses for this new found space.

Stormy dog has been on high alert. The change in weather has all of the animals outside in a full on rush to prepare for winter. The squirrels are constantly running through the front yard in hopes of finding the perfect place to bury the latest nuts they have found. Stormy being a hunting breed is perturbed by the new found hobbies of the squirrels and is dying to break through the door to chase them. 

Halloween decorations are out all throughout the house as it is one of my favorite holidays. Many of my decorations are hand poured and fired ceramics painted by my mom years and years ago. As time goes on she keeps downsizing her collections and I am the lucky recipient of these great things.

Little Guy who is always one to entertain himself "played" the keyboard and set it to auto play music so he could dance. 

I think at one time I could reach my toes but I could never do a rolling back flip touching my toes and winding up one my feet again in one single motion like he did. Oh, to be young.

In the midst of all this I found myself picking up the yarn and hook again to make a baby blanket. This time for a baby of my own. It was a wonderful nonproductive rainy day.


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