Another weekend has passed, unfortunately many of our plans were cancelled due the ailments of our playmates. Colds are surely another sign that winter is coming. The extra down time gave us a chance to catch up on many of the small projects around the house that we have been putting off. Our camper was finally put away for the winter following a good washing and clean out. I cannot wait to see what adventures we will have next year.  The kids have enjoyed raking up leaves to jump into and with their teamwork they have worked out quite an efficient process. It also appears that the mud pies of summer have been replaced by the leaf salads of fall as evidenced by the multiple buckets and containers filled with leaves that are strewn throughout the yard. 

The big garden has been tucked in for winter with a layer of leaves on top. Here's to hoping that the soil builds up nicely and come spring time the hard work will be worth it. This summer our garden struggled a bit and I think it may have been because I underestimated the importance of building up and feeding the soil during the fall and very early spring. It's a good thing that there are cycles in the seasons with a little down time to collect one's thoughts, plan for the future and build up excited for a new opportunity at success. 


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