Catching up

Hey there, hi there, ho there! Long time no see, rather no post. The changing of the seasons has brought a new sense of chaos to our home. The schedules took some adjusting and even now we are fine tuning the new routines.

New Lessons


The garden I regret to say has fallen by the wayside and lies in a heap of dried, windblown dirt with very few plantings remaining. The kale is about the only thing still hanging on and the last of this years radishes have just made their last push to grow. Carrots and parsnips and trying their best to take root as the weather shifts but I fear they may be out of time.

I have spent most of my days trying to keep myself busy and my mind quiet, but I must say that the busy mind still seems to win. I find myself thinking of the children, this home and the life we are living. I question my choices, doubt my decisions, and wonder repeatedly if we are doing everything right. I know deep in my heart that whatever makes us happy is what is right for us but when emotions and hormones collied the result is rarely satisfactory.

So what is the root of all of this questions and emotions? We are adding another little one to our chaotic clan. We are all so very excited to be expecting the wonderful gift of a new baby but like with any change the little worries creep into our minds when we least expect them to. I do however know that in the end it all works out the two will evolve into three naturally and before long it will seem like this is the way it always was. I am eagerly awaiting those days while fully taking in the now.

I hope that if anyone still stops by here you are doing well. It was nice to catch you up on the ongoings of our household and would love to hear about the changes the new season has brought to yours.


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