One Year of Preschool Down

May has always been a very busy social month. All of the kids activities start winding down and weddings and graduation invites start to flood the mail box. This year it is more of the same and as much as I love it is also makes me a little sad because there are so many doors that we close this time of year. 

Today my Little Guy finishes his first year of preschool and while each day the routine was the same: get up, get dressed, eat and go to school the impact is not felt until the end when the sum of all the parts comes to a close. So the days that just kept coming in ordinary fashion week after week while cease for the summer after today and wow, I am just so amazed. My baby went to school 2 days  week for a whole school year. He made friends, played, laughed and learned. He grew up slowly and quickly at the same time. We were so lucky that he had a great teacher and aid in his room who were encouraging yet demanding and gave hugs freely throughout the day. These wonderful ladies spent many a morning in the beginning of the year sitting in a rocking chair wiping the tears off of the cheeks of 3 year olds who were venturing off without their parents for the first time. 

At the end of the school year I as the room mother decided to take up a collection to purchase the teacher and aid each a gift card as a way of saying thank you for all of their great work throughout the year. I also, being the avid gardener that I am, planted them each of flower in a pot that the kids gave them. Last minute Little Guy decided that he wanted to give them both a gift from just him and he felt that they needed chocolate. So here I am running to the store this morning to get candy to put in the cute little mason jar handled cups that I found. In true me fashion I found myself in the school parking lot trying to fill cups and tie ribbon around the top to make them pretty. They turned out pretty cute and the flowers looked great in the pots. I had every intention of taking a photo of all the gifts so that I could pridefully show them off but that didn't happen as I forgot about it until after I walked out of the school. So, sorry for no wonderful photo to share but if you look at Pinterest, look up M&M's in mason jar and pick the prettiest one and pretend it's the one I made. 

Little Guy is so excited to be done school because that means his summer in officially underway and while I am super proud of his accomplishments over the past 8 months this is also a big awakening to the fact that he is growing faster than I think. I just wish I could pause him for a while at this age because 4 is pretty awesome in all the dirty, sticky, giggly, sword fighting, hugging, kissing, kind of ways.


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