Normal Days

Outdoor Plant Table

Nature at Work (Ants and Flower)


Bleeding Heart in Bloom 

Garden Coming Along

New Clothes Line

Radishes and Carrots

A Homemade Mother's Day :)

The past several days have been busy but the blog has been silent.  I guess there is not much to share about normal days. Nothing out of the ordinary was done and no new projects were started. We spent time together on Mother's Day and accomplished a long list of chores. I have been volunteering more at the kids schools and their end of the year activities have kept me quite busy. I have been enjoying the clothesline that was finally hug for me on Mother's Day and the clean, line dried sheets on my bed have been a haven for my tired body. I hope everyone is enjoying some normal days, hopefully stress free and family filled. I have several posts to share later this week including a new favorite recipe. 


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