Two Different Worlds

I find myself living in two different worlds at the moment. There is the one world where everything is convenient. The food comes already made and the children are sent from one place to another thus keeping them occupied and happy. The work outside of the home is hectic yet satisfying and provides all of the worthwhile praise in a persons life. There is this other world where children stay home, meals are prepared from scratch each day and the mother stays home receiving all the acclaim that the need from the smiles on her families face. I would like to believe that the later is the type of life that I live but I keep feeling the pull of the former. There are times when taking a box from the cabinet and adding water seems like the best idea ever for dinner for connivence sake, no matter how disgusting that whole idea actually is when you think about it. It always sound like a good idea to keep the kids involved in activities so that they can be with their friends doing things that they like to do but then when they are gone I miss them so much. As crazy as they make everything I really do enjoy the time we spend together. I enjoy all the time that I get to spend with people when we ignore the easy way and instead opt for the slower pace. Theses little changes in my life have brought such great satisfaction and gratification. My outlook on those around me has changed so much. People that I once found so old fashioned (my Mom for instance) are now the people that I respect more. My mom tells me about her childhood more frequently and all the time spent helping her grandmother with the canning and bread baking.  My husband has relatives that live in the country and I find myself asking for tips on canning and gardening. As I get a little more practice crocheting I feel more connected to some more of my husbands relatives and look forward to the skills that they maybe able to teach me. These are exciting times for me. It is like finally opening your eyes to a world that has been around you the whole time. I still will feel the pull of the convenient lifestyle and will have to fight the urge to buy everything in sight and microwave all my meals but I will have all the reminders of what really matters when I look at the people who are around me. The smiles on my children's faces and the skills that my relatives and I share and the memories that we make when we get to do those things together are all I need.
Enough of the deep stuff. Now back to looking up homeopathic treatments for a dog with hot spots and boiling beans on the stove for tomorrows dinner, not exactly a lively day here.


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