Once again life has taken over and while I struggle to maintain control I find myself being swept into the whirl wind. It is almost like being in quick sand, the more I fight against becoming engrossed in the hustle and bustle, the further and faster I find myself running to keep up.
The kids are doing their summer activities which is great because it keeps them social and busy. Unfortunately it leads to me running around a lot more and stressing out about all of the details required of me (washing soccer socks daily being my least favorite). With all of the additional activities in our home I feel like the summer is going so fast and soon enough it will be time for school to start. I wish that I had a pause button so I could just enjoy these warm days with the kids for a little longer. We have spent some quality time together. We have traveled and seen friends and family that we usually do not get to see. We have sat by a campfire sharing stories and we have cooked meals together, laughing at the mess we've made in the process. I guess life has been busy but we have had some great times together. Sometimes just stopping and taking a few minutes to think about how things are going is enough to center the mind. Now if only thinking could help center my house, the chores are piling up. Maybe I can wrangle the kids into helping, all in the name of quality family time.


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