The Reason

Today, it happened! Everything fell into place! I was walking through Target looking for a book with all three kids in tow and they were in general whining about the heat, being hungry, tired, you name it when a book caught my attention. It was not the book I went to the the store looking to find and to be honest I really had no business looking at books on this particular day anyway. At first look I wasn't sure what the title even was and the name of the author was even more of a mystery to me but I picked it up anyway. I read the front and back cover, flipped through a couple of pages and decided to give it a try throwing it half heartedly into the cart with the necessities of the trip. Once I got home and started reading however I discovered that this was the book that I had been unknowingly not looking for for years. It connected a lot of things for me.

The past few months I have been a little restless. Nothing was really wrong in fact everything seemed alright but I wasn't in the mindset I wanted to be in. I started reading books about success, happiness, and self-improvement but those books left me feeling unfulfilled. I felt that I was already was successful in most areas, I generally felt pretty happy about life, and sure there's always room for self-improvement but I didn't have any nagging issues that I felt needed to be resolved. Hence, why I was once again drawn to the book section where I was looking for the answer to a question I didn't even know I had asked.

The book I wandered across was titled, The Little Book of Hygge by Meike Wiking. I made in halfway through the book in 20 minutes devouring page after page thinking "This is it!!!!"

Since I started this blog there was something I was trying to convey but I never could put my finger on it. The more I wrote the more lost I felt about what my own point was and why I was even bothering to do this. I became frustrated at the lack of voice and direction and as life grew busy it became easy to walk away from. In the back of my mind though this space ate away at me. There was a point but what? Until today and suddenly it all makes sense. Hygge, according to Meike Wiking, is "an atmosphere and an experience...a feeling of home".

That is what I want my blog to be. I want to create an atmosphere where I can share an experience and make you, the reader, feel at home. I go about my busy day like most people getting through the business of the day. I however, make it a point to try to see the good in a person, in an experience and in the world around me. I am far from perfect and so is my life. I don't know how to do anything incredible and I feel quite out of place trying to be an expert on anything but I do know that life has some pretty good offerings. In the morning there is nothing that beats that first sip of coffee. There is nothing like watching the sun set over your little plot of land where you grow the vegetables that feed your family. There is something enchanting about a meal cook with love and shared with friends and family. I love to find these hidden gems among the day and I would love to share them with you in hopes that I can inspire you to find your own special little moments that bring that silly smile, of pure happiness across your face. I want this to be a place of beauty where you may feel comfortable sharing your moments with me or just stopping by to read for a breath of fresh air. I have been working for years successfully to create something that I didn't even know was called Hygge in my own life so that I could build a little community filled with that energy. At last I know I was here all along. Piece by piece it was evolving and now there is finally a voice, passion, and a drive. Please come a long with me and experience the simple pleasures in life. I hope to inspire you to find things in your own life that give you a sense of comfort, belonging, and togetherness.


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