Awaiting Spring 2015

We are completely in survival mode around here. A two week old baby has taken over our household and I am at the beck and call of the little ones hunger cries for the time being. All around us though it appears that life continues as usual and the seasons change. In the weeks before the little one was born I was able to get most of our seeds started which gave us a much needed head start on the spring planting season. The seedlings have been bursting out of the dirt with fervor and even in the midst of our family chaos I have been able to keep up with watering them daily. The temperatures have become mild and we have been able to sneak in some much needed outdoor time and have enjoyed our fair share of stomping through the mud with snow boots on.

During one of our outdoor trips I had a chance to take a good look at the big garden which standing silently waiting for its turn to flourish again. The leaf mulch has broken down quite a bit and the compost bin is filled with broken down matter ready to add in. The first day of spring is looming on the calendar and the last frost date is quickly approaching. I am ready to move past the winter and enjoy the next season life has in store for us.


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