My Spot

A short time after we got rid of our cable, several years ago now, we found ourselves in a rut wanting to watch tv at night in the winter but also looking for something that would  allow us to converse with co-workers. You know, water cooler talk material. A family member lent us her Big Bang Theory DVD. The man and I shared some  laughs on cold winter nights and finally gained some understanding of the jokes and memes that the show made popular in mainstream culture. One of the common themes in the show is the rigid routine of one of the characters, Sheldon.  Everything in his life is so specific right down to his 'spot' on the couch and good luck to anyone who tries to sit in his spot. Back when we were watching the show I just wanted to this character to give it up already and try a different spot one in a while. Right now though, I find myself completely relating to the need for ones own spot that is special and not shared.

I have unintentionally created my own little corner in the home that is reserved for me and good luck to anyone who tries to sit there. In my case a rocking chair is my spot of choice. In this chair I feed and rock my baby. I help with homework and watch the kids play in the yard. I try to read a few pages of a book but seldom make past a few sentences before someone needs something of me. On one side of me hangs my latest experiment, cloth diapers, fresh out of the wash. On the other side of my chair is one of my greatest passions, the seedlings for this years garden.

The light from all of the windows lends a tranquilness to what would otherwise be a crazy place. The angle of the sun provides a warmth and indication of spring. The floor captures the toys that a five year old boy scatters about on his daily adventures. This is my 'spot' although I gladly welcome all into it so long as when I am ready to sit my chair is available because baby's need to be rocked and there's no better place to do that, than in a rocking chair warmed by the sun.


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