Putting the Garden to Bed

The other day little guy and I put the garden to bed. He was full of questions when I told him what the plan for the day was. I explained what we were doing as we did it and let him do as much of the work as he wanted by himself while I took a back seat and just provided direction when needed. So, how exactly does one put a garden to bed you may ask. First you makes sure it is clean, fluff it up, make sure it is well fed, tuck it in and cover it well.

The first thing we had to do was remove the spent summer plants, weeds and other debris (sticks, rocks). Once it was all cleaned up we dug in to the earth a little bit to make the soil loosen up. Then we added sand, compost, epsom salt and calcium and some leaves and then turned them in by hand. We finished with a thin layer of leaves on the top. Since most of our trees are still full we will have to add more later when they all fall.

We also examined and played with each worm we found and then reburied them among the dirt wishing them a good night as well. Here is the finished product which we have since heavily mulched with leaves.


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