I am pretty patriotic. I love holidays that celebrate our country and those whole helped build and protect it. I tend to shed tears on Memorial Day and go all out on 4th of July. I am so proud to finally have a big flag that waves from our front porch everyday. This weekend there will be celebrations, BBQ's and many other festivities that I will miss out on due to my work schedule but I am happy that at the end of each day I will get to come home. I will get to kiss my family goodnight and in the morning hear about all of the fun things they did the night before. It is my goal this weekend to focus on all of the little things I can do to make the most of the time I have with everyone rather than spend my time upset that I do not get enough time to do everything with them. I am going to cook up a storm and leave my family well fed as they head off to their adventures and then when I go to work hopefully I can help those patients who have no choice but to be stuck with me have a little better of a night/weekend. 

I wish you all a safe and happy weekend. Happy 4th of July and remember to make the most of the moments you have rather than waiting for the perfect moment when you have it all. 


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