June Photo Tour

I have a case of the Mondays today. I completely lack motivation so while on my third cup of coffee I took my daily walk around the yard. Luckily I took my camera with me and now I can share the progress of the garden with you. 

Here are the sunflowers that the rabbits so kindly demolished for me. I guess with all the little bunnies that have been born within the last 2 weeks the mommas ave been hungry. How could I be upset with pregnant gals or new mommas? 

We had a grand total of 2 strawberries from our two plants this year. Hopefully in the coming years we will have better luck. It might help if I kept on top of the weeds a little better and some mulching probably wouldn't hurt either. I'll have to remember to put that on the to do list. 

The radishes are doing great! We enjoyed some with our homegrown leaf lettuce over the weekend. Yum! The onions and leeks are also doing well. The carrots on the other hand have failed despite two separate planting attempts. 

The broccoli looks awesome. I am so happy we tried a spring planting after all of our fall plants failed last year. We will be eating this soon as the warm weather will probably make it flower quickly.

The cabbage it coming along nicely and thanks to some lovely birds with new babies in the nest the looper population is all but gone.

We purchased a flag for the front of our house and my wonderful husband finally got it hung over the weekend. I love it! Can you see our little table? Yes, it's a tree trunk. Nothing like using what you already have to create something you need.

The three sisters garden (or at least my attempt). The squash, beans, and corn are popping up. I was trying to work on making some homemade trellises to support the beans while the corn grows. This is what I get for planting all at one time rather than stagger starting like recommended.

I took this photo to put my peas on blast for never making it or producing. Then I noticed the one pea pod. It will probably be the only one we get as the average temps now are in the 80's but I am so stinking happy to see that one pea. I forget everything I said about never planting peas again.

Stormy dog enjoying a ball she found. What is a walk without a friend even if she abandons you for the first fun thing she finds?

Over all the garden is progressing well. The plants are getting bigger and most of them have flowers. I even have a tomato or two already.

Enjoy your Monday and thanks for taking a tour with me. 

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