It is a busy time

Time has been flying by. As the change of the seasons approaches we are doing all kinds of preparations. I am happy to say that for our first time ever we have been good about staying ahead rather than procrastinating to the point that we never catch up. Over the last week we did a bit of fresh fruit picking at a local farm, 20 lbs. of peaches and 10 lbs. of tomatoes later we had to find something to do with it all. We did our first batch of canned peaches and salsa using recipes that we really liked. I am  just hoping that they last on shelf in the pantry. The seals have formed properly but the peaches have floated a little above the syrup so I am prepared for them to change color or do something. The salsa looks amazing in the jar and we will be taking it out when we have guest over to see if we are biased to the flavor because of all the hard work we put into the finished product, or if we really have learned how to create something wonderful.

 One would think that a kitchen filled with heat and steam that is cranking out pint after pint would be enough but we had some very big plans this week as we also planted our fall garden. We planted cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage, and broccoli. The broccoli wound up in our front "flower bed" because we ran out of room in the garden, so we have officially moved up a rung in the crunchy, garden people world. I have to admit I kind of like it. The front used to be wasted space that served the purpose of making things look pretty. Now while the plants will still look pretty they will also allow me to provided my boy with one of his favorite foods.

We are also making the final back to school preparations. The supplies have been bought and uniforms are hanging ready. The children have been kept up to date on all their learning for the summer and they are excited to see what the new year brings. The little guy with be dipping his feet into the world of school a couple days a week while his sister will spend most of her time in the classroom. I really love when they are home in the summer and don't want them to leave but they are pretty free spirited children who love to venture into the world on their own. I also know that the teachers at their schools are much better suited to teaching them than I am. I like to supplement throughout the school year but leave a lot of the guiding up to the teachers. It works for us.

This busy time is going to keep going even though the tasks will change. The main goal will be to keep family time going as we settle into the new routine. How about you? Is your household going through a busy time as well?


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