The value of community becomes clearer by the day. Living a life that is more simple does mean more time at home working with the family towards a set of common goals. It is easy to lose oneself in the chores that are required by the home, especially now that the garden in getting into high gear and the fall planting is approaching. Some times it does seem as if leaving the home is an inconvenience when there is so much that here needs attending. But while all the work in our home seems important the work outside our home is important also. It is important to be a part of the community, to know those who surround you and all of the things that they may have to offer. For ages we have been very close with those that work in our library now we have been forming relationships with others in our community. We are frequenting small locally owned stores and getting acquainted with the people who own and work there as well as their products. I am starting to form relationships with those that I work with. We have in the past couple weeks held fundraisers and showers for several of my co-workers, this does not mean that we are very involved in each others personal life but for the first time I am getting to see some of them as human beings with lives outside the work place. The over abundance of zucchini that are coming from the garden have made there way to neighbors and friends so that they may feed their families. All of these experiences have given me a feeling of community that I have never felt before. We are building stronger relationships with those around us and we are helping not only ourselves but others as well. Our community is a living, breathing and growing thing. It is a cycle of people that help and support each other and it is great to see so many people involved and I am proud to be taking on a bigger role in my community.


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