Taco Tip

Each Sunday I sit down and make the meal plan for the week. Each week one of the nights we have some sort of taco night because it is quick, easy, and satisfies everyone. One of the problems with taco night is the amount of dishes generated by all the topping selections. I feel like I must wash every bowl in the house between cheese, beans, salsa, lettuce, rice, etc... One night I was feeling ingenuitive and threw all the ingredients into one vessel which made my life easier and taco night even more enjoyable. The key was using a divided dish, like a vegetable tray. I have this little tupperware vegetable tray that I rarely use but it is perfect for bringing all the taco fixings to the table. The lid is even useful for holding taco shells. Now we just have a couple of dishes to wash and it is a cute way to serve a family style taco meal. Definitely a tip worth sharing, give it a try on your next taco night.



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