Gift Card Holder with Style

I scoured Pinterest looking for a creative way to dress up a restaurant gift card for my bosses retirement dinner but came up with very little. I did see one idea that I liked but there was very limited detail on the photo I could find so I just kind of made it up as I ant along. My nine year old provided constructive criticism as I went along and help here and there with the actual assembly, which took place in the last hour before I had to leave for the party. Procrastination is one of my specialties.

I purchases a silver plate from the dollar store and then used scavenged birthday party left overs for the decoration. A scrap of scrapbook paper made the tag and the glue gun was pivotal. All in all it was a fun quick project that I thought others might enjoy trying. It really made the presentation of the gift card much more special for such a special occasion. 


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